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10 Ways that Alexa Skills can Benefit Your Business

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September 07 2019

Ways that Alexa Skills can Benefit Your Business Alexa Skills had been one of the most popular platforms that every client uses for interacting with others. But in recent years, in terms of businesses, Alexa Skills is being used to boost their daily operations and provide their customers with better services. Many business owners are using Alexa Skills. Some use Alexa Skills in the form of application, to have a strong connection with their customers in a wide variety of functions. With lots of skills, searching for the ideal might not be too hard for you. So, if you are still searching for the Alexa Skills that are cost-effective, then you should visit this site (https://voycee.com). I am sure that they are always ready to serve you. In this post, we will give you the ways that Alexa Skills are the most efficient and effective ways for you to boost your business. If you want more, keep on reading. Website Monitoring Alexa Skills feature Vigil Website Monitoring that will enable you to be notified about your website's status. With the use of Alexa Skills in your business, your current customers and the potential ones can utilize your services easily. When there is a decrease on your website, Vigil Website Monitoring will send a push notification to Alexa for you to immediately repair the issue. Email Management Every business owners know that email management is a little its time-consuming. The Alexa Skills feature the Astrobot skills that will allow you to control your Office 365 email or Gmail from the Amazon Echo. Using this kind of skill, your Alexa can understand, manage, and reply all your business emails, and will help you to focus on the latest ones. Addition features also include quicker, archive, delete replies, and many more. Schedules Management It can be overwhelming for you to stay updated in terms of your business schedules. Well, the FreeBusy Scheduling Assistant tends to use the Alexa Skills to manage your business meetings for you not to skip even a single appointment. With the use of iCloud, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Office 365 will enable you to check the obtainability of a person. Finding Services Owning a business – whether big or small, you don't have the idea on when you will need a handyman, electrician, plumber, or other services. With the Intently. Co skill, it will provide you with over a million of service providers. To do this, you will ask Alexa, for instance, to look for a plumber. After that, Alexa will offer you a high-quality and reliable plumber near your area within a few minutes. Providing Reminders With the use of Remember the Milk and Alexa are both an app reminder that was made in the heaven of digital items. With the use of this skill, you will be reminded about the things you will do in a specific due date. You will be able to add your activities to pay invoices, meetings, and other activities that you might not remember because of your hectic schedule.

Article by: Sly Fox