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Estimates about the Future of Voice Activated Services

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September 09 2019

Estimates about the Future of Voice-Activated Services When the voice-activated services started to gain its popularity way back in 2011, nothing in this world could guess that this skill can be the reason for the innovation of technology. Almost eight years had passed when it was estimated that each in 6 Americans would possess a smart speaker such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Alexa Skills. It was also determined that in the year 2020there are more than a hundred million mobile phone users that will choose to use voice-activated services. Different brands, including Google and Amazon, are persisting in continuing this drift due to their competitions in market shares. Voice-activated services are continuously advancing at the highest rate in terms of different kinds of industry, which are ranging from banking to healthcare. It is because different companies are battling to launch their integrations of voice technology to maintain the pace of the demands by the various clients. Integration and Compatibility In terms of voice technology combined with the different items, Amazon has maintained its ranking in the game. Those people who have used Alexa Skills are all familiar with the truth that voice-activated services are linked with the full range of items, such as Samsung's Family Hub refrigerators. Google also try their best to launch Google Assistant Connect. The clue about the launching of this technology is for the different creators to make personalized devices that will work with particular functions and are linked with Assistant. Streamlined Conversations Both Amazon and Google previously announced that the voice-activated services would not need the multiple usages of "wake" term repeatedly. Recently, Alexa Skills are dependent on several usages of wake words to create a new conversational topic. For instance, a user would probably ask, "Alexa, what's the current temperature at the hallway thermostat?" As you notice, you are required to state the wake word, Alexa, before commanding to "set the hallway thermostat to 23 degrees." It would be best for you if you will say, "set my hallway thermostat to 23 degrees," instead of saying, "Alexa, what's the current temperature at the hallway thermostat?" Search Behaviors Will also Change Voice Activated Services has been the latest topic in these days. And it would be challenging for voice visibility. It is due to the fact that the visual interface with voice assistants might be lost. Every user cannot touch or see the voice interface if it is not linked to Alexa Skills application. Voice Push Notifications The voice-activated services will launch an exclusive distribution of push notifications. As the method in increasing the retention and engagement of the user, push notification will remind you to have relevant information. And these days that Alexa Skills of Amazon will enable you to use the spoken notifications for different compatible applications. If you want to know more about the future of voice-activated services, then you should consider starting with https://99centskills.com.

Article by: Sly Fox