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Future of Voice Activated Services

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September 06 2019

Future of Voice-Activated Services When voice recognition started to rise in 2011, beginning with the introduction of Siri, nobody had predicted that this simple would emerge and drive more relevant tech innovations. Eight years after the first voice recognition innovation was released, smartphones have turned to be an effective and efficient voice recognition device of the present time. This has been a prediction by some of the most successful tech companies across the world even back then. Varying brands, including Google and Amazon, are continuing their drive to compete for the share of the market. Voice recognition interfaces and applications are starting to rise and emerge, especially to banking and healthcare facilities. Companies are now also using this kind of innovation to accommodate and integrate with their valued customers. Given this, here are the predictions for the future improvements of voice recognition by 2020. Streamlined Conversations Both Amazon and Google had announced for the removal of wake words in their consumer accommodation. Both these companies had used wake words such as Google, Ok, and Alexa to promote a practical experience to their valued customers. One example is for the Alexa, here, consumers can state what they need like 'Alexa, set to 23 degrees the thermostat of the hallway'. Then, Alexa can do it so with its powerful and smart features. A lot of consumers are using voice recognition and assistants while having multiple tasks, alone, or even with a large group of people. Having devices and applications can help and provide ease in daily living. It can make a living much more effective and healthier to live. Integration and Compatibility When talking about the inclusion of voice technology, Amazon is leading ahead. Alexa is familiar to those who depend on voice recognition devices. It had been integrated with varying products such as the Family Hub Refrigerator from Samsung. In the coming year, higher interest and determination in the development of voice recognition devices will be expected. An increase in varying features such as the mid-level devices will be done. Communication and compatibility with smart speakers, phones, or displays over Bluetooth can be achieved and improved a lot better. The Amazon, fortunately, is leading ahead and is considered as an Alexa wall clock. Security as the Major Focus Promoting and upholding the security of the people will be changed and improved smartly and effectively. The application of voice recognition devices and apps to every single smartphone or other interfaces can make everyone safe and aware of the harm. Development and improvement to security interfaces will be implied to make the people a lot better and secured in different places. Also, privacy will be upheld, leading to a secured and privacy for everyone. One example is the payment options for varying online purchases and orders. Uber, ticket buying, restaurant booking or reservation, and other less will be way more effective once voice recognition upholding privacy is adapted. Speaker verification and identification will also be improved to a higher level to keep everyone safe from unidentified people who might be included in terrorists or gangs. All of these are only some of the future and predictions for voice recognition devices and processes. More are still coming, and we can't wait for that.

Article by: Sly Fox