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Using Alexa Skills For More Convenient Living

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September 10 2019

Using Alexa Skills for More Convenient Living If you are an Amazon user, you can encounter the Alexa Skills. It is a voice-based technology that is powered by artificial intelligence. If you are new to this technology, this article is perfect for you. Alexa Skills can offer awesome features in different aspects, including business, home, music, and more. To understand more about Alexa Skills, read further. Alert Your Family and Friends That You Need Help There are some circumstances where you will need help. Fortunately, Alexa skills can help you with this matter. You can use the Ask My Buddy skill to warn your family member or friend through phone call or text that you need their help. It is perfect for elderly Alexa users. Play Song Quiz Do you want to entertain yourself in your free time? Well, Alexa Skills can support you with that. Thus, you can play a song quiz. By telling Alexa to play song quiz, you can experience fun by guessing the artist or the title of the song. Additionally, you can also play it with the people you are with. Storytime Alexa Skills can offer you with Storytime skill. It is a good way to bond with your kids. It allows you to listen to short stories with your children. There are various bedtime stories, and you can pick the best one that your kids will truly love. Find Your Phone One unique feature of Alexa skills is that it can help you to search for your phone if you have misplaced it. You can ask Alexa to call it. Just tell Alexa, find my phone, and you can easily find it. Whisper Mode With Alexa whisper mode, you can avoid waking up your roommate, family member, or friend. Thus, Alexa can whisper too in a lower volume. Ask Important Questions If you forget something, you can ask Alexa skills to answer it for you. For example, you can ask if when is fathers' day, what it is the price of bitcoin and other factual questions. Always remember not to ask weird and complex questions because you can't get the right answer though. Check Traffic If you are having a busy schedule, Alexa skills can back you up. Thus, it can help you to check traffic. With this, you can think about the best alternative way to get to your route faster. You can ask Alexa about general questions about the traffic. It will help you to have a more convenient commuting process. Lists It is natural that most of us make lists about everything. You can command Alexa to make a list for you. For example, you can ask Alexa to make a shopping list of things to do. You can access your list on the Alexa app as you go. With this, you can always be organized with your daily tasks. Alexa Skills can be your best partner to have a more convenient lifestyle. It can help you with simple things that can make you smile.

Article by: Sly Fox