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September 07 2019

Handy Tool for Everything: Voice-Activated Alexa Skills There are vast ranges of tasks that the Alexa skills can do for you, are you ready to find them out and try them? You will be surprised by the actions that the Alexa skills can do for you. The Alexa skills were formulated to turn your life into a convenient one. Here are the commands that the voice-activated Alexa skills can do for you: Music Yes, you can use the Alexa skills to play your favorite music on different sites. No more typing buttons to search for the song. Just say the title, and the singer of the song and Alexa skills will do the work for you. The next thing that you will be hearing is music playing. Managing Time and Date Even in the time and date of your phone, the Alexa skills can also help you with these. Do you want to set up the alarm clock? Then bark out the specific time, and the Alexa skills will be setting up your alarm. Every command, the Alexa skills will follow, decided to cancel the alarm clock? Then tell Alexa skills to turn off the alarm clock. Call for you Believe me. The Alexa skill can also make calls for you. Calling a person is now easier with voice activation. Just say the right command. Name the person that you will be calling, and the Alexa skills will be the one to dial the person that you are going to call. Shop for you A feature that is useful for women that loves to shop or order. The Alexa skills can make orders for you. Buy all the things that you want just by saying the product that you want to buy. It all lies in the instruction that you are giving the Alexa skills. Planner The Alexa skills can even plan for you or to-do list for you. You can say the to-do list and from time to time that Alexa skills will be notifying you on your to-do list or your upcoming schedules. The Alexa skills will keep on updating you and reminding. News Do you want to hear about the news? The Alexa skills will be checking out compelling headlines for you to read. Do you want to know about the weather? The Alexa can notify you on the weather or even inform you on the weather on the following days. Food Finder If you want to go out and look for a restaurant, don't go to the map instead say some specific instructions, for example, "Alexa, where is the nearest restaurant from here?" The Alexa skills will be looking for hits and will present the nearest restaurants from your location. Mathematics This is a feat that can be useful to students. Speak some mathematical equations, and Alexa will be answering them for you at a quicker pace and with accuracy. These are some of the commands that the voice-activated Alexa skill can do for you. There are other commands that you might want to discover and make the Alexa skills do it for you. Truly a blessing to anyone who wants convenience in their life!

Article by: Sly Fox